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Dear All Friend

Are you looking for automatic Proxy Software for your IM softwares ?

If YES, i suggest you try PROXY MULTIPLY.

Proxy Multiply is one of the best automatic proxy software in the market today.

Proxy Multiply could help you to do automatic scraping proxies, testing and filtering them, and also emailing the proxy lists.

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What Proxy Multiply Will Do For You
  • Automatically test and retrieve proxies, write them to file, e-mail the proxies OR upload them to a FTP server!
  • Test proxies for Scrapebox/Google compatibility!
  • Test anonymity of HTTP proxies (elite, anonymous, etc)!
  • Automatically remove dead proxies, or non-Google enabled!
  • Filter proxies by country automatically!
  • Continuously updated (at least once per 2 weeks) since release in 2011!
  • Save your proxy list to a simple text file or a detailed CSV file with all information about the proxies!
  • Test and scrape proxies FAST!!! Uses hardly any system resources!


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The NORMAL PRICE of Proxy Multiply is $59.95 (One Time Payment)

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Dear Friends

Are you looking for affordable and good Private Proxy provider?

If yes, i suggest you to try PROXY HUB.

I have tested the proxy on my SEO tools like Senuke XCr, Scrapebox, Wiki Bomber, Sick Submitter, Tweet Marketing Robot, Article Marketing Robot, Ultimate Demon, Bookmarking Demon, and others
and the all proxies are working very good.

What Proxy Hub Will Give To You


  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • NO Restriction To Use The Proxies On Any SEO Softwares
  • Fast Proxies
  • Dead Proxy Replacement Guarantee
  • Fresh Proxies Every Month
  • Social Media Friendly Proxies
  • NON Sequential IP Range

Proxy Hub provides us 2 types of Private Proxy.

1. Semi Dedicated Private Proxies (shared with maximum 3 clients)

2. Dedicated Private Proxies (ONLY 1 client will use)


Below is the NORMAL PRICE table of Proxy Hub

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