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WP Syndicator is a great tools for INSTANT Backlinks and for INDEXING all of our blog post. WP Syndicator can do all the process by manually or automatically. You can decide what kind of process do you want.

Beside for ordinary/manual blog, WP Syndicator is a great tool for AUTOBLOG. Because you can set WP Syndicator do backlinks process and indexing process AUTOMATICALLY.

WP Syndicator is a must have tool for every blogger.

If you interested to buy WP Syndicator, I suggest you to buy the MULTI DOMAIN LICENSE because you can use WP Syndicator for your all blogs or UNLIMITED blogs.

If you visit WP Syndicator website, you will know that the MULTI DOMAIN LICENSE price is $67  …. but wait I have a special discount link for WP Syndicator

Here is the discount link :


WP Syndicator Special Discount Link


By using this discount link, you can get WP Syndicator MULTI DOMAIN LICENSE only for $37 One Time Payment with Lifetime Update and Lifetime Premium Support

Go Get this discount immediately before the discount offer end.


This is the price BEFORE discount

wp syndicator before discount

This is the price AFTER discount

wp syndicator after discount

I hope this thread will be useful and can help you save some money.

Thanks a lot for your visiting and if you don’t mind please leave a comment below :-)


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  1. kimi says:

    hi, does wp syndicator work only for autoblogs? can i use it for normal wp blogs?

    • admin says:

      Hi Kimi :-)
      Thanks for your good questions.
      WP Syndicator could be use for WP Autoblog and Normal WP blogs.
      Let me know if you have other questions.

      God bless you mate

      • kimi says:

        i can’t decide which one is better, wp syndicator pr backlink energizer, could you specify some important points for these 2 plugins? definitely want to buy either one of these.

        also, any bonuses include with this purchase. :)

        btw, i’ve bought amd through your link. nice!

        • kimi says:

          also, for multi site license – can i install the plugin for my clients?

          • admin says:

            Hi Kimi :-)
            Could you tell me your requirement? more detail .. so we can decide which one will take more benefits for you.

            If you only want to indexing and backlinks your blog post ..use WP Syndicator.

            If you have many links to index … use backlink energizer.

            For WP Syndicator multisite license, you can not install the plugin on client’s site. You must use the Developer license.

            Let me know if you still have more questions.
            Sorry for this late reply.

            Thanks and God bless you Kimi :-)

  2. Narender says:


    I have a little confusion. WP syndicator and WP Blog Syndicator are two different software or just one . Because the image for both the software are different.


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